Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Hey Slater! Let's Go to Bridghead for a Coffee!

Was in downtown Ottawa today for a workshop and decided I would check out one of the Bridgehead locations I had yet to go to.  I visited Bridgehead at 151 O'Connor Street, the closest one to the Ottawa Public Library Main branch.

This Bridgehead is located on the ground floor of the EDC building on the corner of O'Connor & Slater Streets thus making it quite convenient for the local office worker crowd to find a cup of java.  Also, with large windows, it is a good spot to grab a cup a favorite hot beverage and have a seat to watch the world go by.

I entered shortly after noon to find a bustling coffee shop with lots of customers enjoying their coffee.  Both cash registers were open. I visited one right away to be greeted by an over caffeinated lady with hair the colour of the rainbow just salivating for the order.

The Order: 1 Medium Sized Medium Blend Black Coffee.

Within a jiffy my coffee order was rung up, paid for and I was around the end to pick up the freshly poured coffee and out the door.  Sure I could of stayed, but I had work to do after a workshop at the Ottawa Public Library!

The coffee was definitely hot!  Had to let it cool just a little bit before consuming the usually great coffee from Bridgehead.

Overall, this Bridgehead location provides great energetic service with a Bridgehead quality product.  With a convenient location, this Bridghead is one of the better coffee shops downtown.

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