Monday, April 07, 2014

A Starbucks of Preston Street

Was in Little Italy today for a seminar at Invest Ottawa but was early, so I looked for some place to fuel up.

I stopped by the Starbucks (349 Preston Street, Ottawa) which is a hope skip and a jump from Invest Ottawa on Aberdeen Street.  

I walked in the main office complex door because I enjoy the revolving door system similar to a 5 year old trying it for the first time and ventured over to the store.

A short line up of three customers ahead of me with two cash registers busy ringing people through.  Added bonus to this service was an additional Barista who gathers the orders and brings it to next available cash.  The whole system worked like clockwork right down to the warm "Good Morning and how can make your day?" million dollar welcome.

The Order: 1 Tall Black Blonde Roast Coffee.

A quick pour of the coffee and a $1.95 later, I was over to the condiment station to find a lid.

The only complaint, was the two stations to add your lid to your cup were not labelled.  I tried down where customers pick up their lattes and Americanos but obviously got the "Grande" lid.  I tried at the other station, as other customers were clearing, and repeated the same thing.  3rd try was a charm and I was out the door.  So a friendly label might be in order for this to reduce wastage and idiot customer frustration.

The coffee was  a perfect blend without too strong or to weak. A nice blend served up by a cheerful barista.

Overall, this Starbucks is in a convenient location to the 6 floor office building also within walking distance of the nearby Invest Ottawa.  With friendly service and corporate approved tasting coffee, this location is definitely the Starbucks of Preston Street.

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