Friday, March 07, 2014

Strong Coffee at the Equator

Enjoyed a nice coffee that originated from Equator Coffee Roasters (451 Ottawa Street, Almonte) on Tuesday.

The coffee was served in a compostable cup about the size of a Tim Hortons Medium at a business series I'm currently working with from a business about to launch in Stittsville.

I always try to take a coffee that I'm trying for the first time "black". This is in order to get the full taste of the overall coffee without any milk, cream or sugar additives interrupting the true taste.  After that one can add these to taste as they see fit.  Lucky for me, I prefer to have my coffee black anyway if it is any good.

Taste wise the coffee was solid, just like a medium blend from Brideghead.  A strong flavour but not overpowering like a Dark Roast from Second Cup can be.  Interestingly the Equator coffee was supposedly a "Dark Roast" as well.  But, to their credit, it didn't taste like eating coffee grounds while drinking it.

Overall, Equator Coffee Roasters has a bright future ahead based on their product.  Fresh quality tasting coffee is Equator's focus.  If they maintain this focus on providing fresh locally roasted coffee combined with the customer's ability to obtain this product will be set this company up for great success.

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