Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bank on Feeling Like a Star at Starbucks

Was downtown a number of times this week for course work I'm currently undertaking.  A coffee is usually in order before arriving for the course.  Starbucks (445 Bank Street, Ottawa) has been pretty decent the four or five times I have been there.

I usually arrive to this newish looking ground floor coffee shop of an condominium building.  Upon entering there is an average modern looking Starbucks with 4 leather seating on the left, a long table on the right and additional bar style seating in the window for customers to sip their favorite cup of Starbuck's goodness while watching the passing pedestrians.   Directly in front of you upon entering is the counter.

The fun part, once inside during the cold months, is your glasses fog up pretty well making it hard to see.  The first occasion I walked in, took off my newly frosted glasses and tried to order.  It was pretty comical knowing what kind of coffee I wanted but couldn't remember the Starbucks lingo for size.  But before leaving after the first visit I double checked with my clean glasses I wanted a "Tall".  So for the next couple of times I was now ready.

On Tuesday, I walked in, had the old glasses fog up worse than a London fog, took them off and ordered with the smiling gentleman ready to take my order and lady waiting to make it.

The Order: 1 Tall Blonde Roast Coffee.

In flash, my money was taken and my coffee was ready.  The only guilt trip I had was ordering "1 Tall Blonde".  Who at the corporate Starbucks marketing department came up with the size and style of coffee idea?  But, lets remember the local stores do not have any control over this and only provide the smiling people behind the counter along with the preparing the corporately approved coffees and other munchies.

The Blonde coffee all week was exactly the same taste.  Nothing out of sort in terms of texture, but nothing overboard in terms of too strong of coffee.  A nice brew each time in and time out.  

Overall, this location provides fast and a friendly service with a smile.  I have been lucky all week not to encounter a long line up but have witnessed about five customers walk in within minutes.  Each customer is quickly and efficiently serviced before the next customer is attended to.  Wait times are minimal and the employees always maintain the upbeat friendly attitude. The main theme of this Starbucks location is you can bank on feeling like  a star at this Starbucks.  That is unless you are wearing glasses, then you will be a star for sure, just in a fog.

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