Monday, February 03, 2014

Quick Quiznos

Received Quiznos coupons in the mail a couple of weeks ago.  On Friday, I fished them out in search of a different place to have lunch.

I arrived at 11:45 to Quiznos (42 York Street, Ottawa) which is in the same building attached to The Laff bar.  In fact the bar and sandwhich shop share washrooms and allow you to take your sandwich to The Laff and order a beer to go with it.

I was the only customer in there when ordering but shortly after sitting down after receiving my order, another five customers rolled in.  So I had an advantage, no wait to order!

The Order: 9" The Traditional Sub (Roast beef, Turkey Breast, Honey-Cured Ham, Cheddar, Tomato, Lettuce, Red Onion, Black Olive, Ranch Dressing) with a 1 bag of Ruffles All Dressed potato chips and 1 Medium Coke)

It takes about three to five minutes for most subs to be made.  First you start ordering the bread and type of sub from the menu.  The server then puts your order together, feeds it through the oven and meets you on the other side for additional toppings.  Next, just like Subway, from the list of toppings you can choose to add more vegetables before the server wraps up your sandwich and takes your cash.

I sat down in this unique shaped Quiznos location.  Unlike other fast food places, this one has been shoehorned into a layout rather than built from the ground up.  So this location has nice little alcoves built in with customer tables.  Pretty sweet deal along with the access to The Laff's bar if you are looking for a brew to go with your Quiznos sandwich.

The Traditional sub was delicious.  Melted cheese along with the roast beef was a nice combination.  I had to double check the turkey breast and honey cured ham was there (which they were) after a couple of bites.
Price wise at $7.50 for a sandwich, nevermind the combo upgrade to include a 40 gram bag of potato chips and a fountain pop.  So with a coupon this is good value especially the fact the fountain pop has free refills at customer accessible fountain station.

Overall, this is a unique Quiznos due to the access to the bar and alcove style seating area.  Service was friendly and prompt which was to be expected as this location was not that busy at the time.  The food was delicious and appeared to be made to corporate specifications as they did weigh each of the toppings to make sure the sandwich was made to spec.   Quick and easy to obtain a sandwich which friendly service.  I may return.

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