Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bank on Bridgehead on Bank Street

Visited this Downtown Ottawa Bridgehead (366 Bank Street, Ottawa) location for a quick coffee.  I stopped by at 12 noon after visiting the nearby bank.  This Bridghead location has a modern interior with a about 8 to ten tables along one side and a long counter and display case along the other side.

I arrived to wait behind a customer who didn't know what he wanted.  A cranberry croissant? Not has cranberries in it and he had never had that before.  How about something else?  He seemed perplexed and gave up his spot to think about it.

Hallelujah! with only one cash register at this location, an indecisive customer can be a nightmare for both the staff behind the counter wanting to serve their customers in a timely manner and customers just wanting their morning caffeine.

Once we got past the tomfoolery of indecisive customers, the service was excellent.

The Order: 1 Medium sized Medium blend black coffee.

The coffee was poured, the cash was taken and I was able to tap my Bridgehead rewards card before enjoying my beverage.

This last part, the reward card, is interesting.  Instead of having a stamp card, Bridgehead has an electronic based reward system where every 12th coffee is free.  As well, Bridgehead rewards you on your birthday with a gift of free coffee.  Don't worry if you don't get to Bridgehead on your big day as the free coffee is valid until you use it.   The awesome part is that when you achieve your free coffee either by purchasing so many or birthday gift, the system sends a reminder e-mail about your free beverage!

The coffee at the Bridgehead Bank Street location? Excellent as usual.  A strong yet fresh medium brew.  

Overall, this Bridgehead has excellent bubbly service once you overcome the original obstacle of one cash and an indecisive customer.  Beyond that great coffee and friendly staff in a modern cafe setting is something you can bank on here.

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