Friday, December 13, 2013

Not a Fan of Bread & Sons Cold Pizza

Today I ventured downtown to check out Bread & Sons Bakery (195 Bank Street, Ottawa).  It was hard to find the store as the front sign, for whatever reason, was not there.  I walked past the store first, then realized I passed by the address number, 195, and walked back.  But peering through the window I could see a bakery inside and decided this must be the place.

Upon entering, along the left wall are shelving for delicious breads, cookies, sandwiches and pizza.  Straight ahead was the counter where the employees of Bread & Sons would ring up your purchase.  On the right hand side was a little counter seating area.  The seating area also was contained to two sets of tables and chairs in the front window overlooking the Bank Street sidewalk.  So if you come in looking to sit down during a busy time, you will definitely be disappointed.

I had visited Bread & Sons looking for a slice of pizza to try.  The claim to fame of this store is it is freshly made each day with fresh ingredients and tastes outstanding. It was time to put this to the test.

On the shelves on the left hand side of the store were several choices of pizza to choose from self serve style.  I spied six different types of pizza with five labelled.  The only one not labelled still had all it's slices and looked the freshest.  The slices, pre cut to about a quarter of the pizza in size, were a little difficult around the crust as the cut wasn't all the way through.  I finagled my way through this issue using the pizza lifter and extracted the slice onto the cardboard slice holder.

The Order: 1 unknown Pizza slice that had cheese, tomato sauce and some kind of vegetable.

I approached the counter and paid for the slice, $4.25 including tax.

I had avoided buying a drink as all that seemed to be on offer was coffee and tea.  These type of drinks might be fine for their other foods like cookies and breads but with pizza it seemed off.  I stood at the side counter looking at the Ottawa Magazine review from 2012 about the place and other thank you notes from customers.

The pizza slice was.....COLD.... really? How could the pizza slice be cold?  I reviewed where it was sitting on the shelf.  When I was extracting it from the pan I thought they might have been under heat lamps.  I was wrong.

The tomato sauce tasted satisfactory like it had been hand made.  The cheese tasted fresh as well.  But the fact that pizza slice was cold and no offer to warm it up by the person behind the counter seemed a little off. Sure she inquired if I would like a bag for it to go and I politely declined and said I would eat it there.  There was plenty of opportunity to ask if I wanted my slice warmed in the oven a little bit.

Overall, I was not too impressed with the cold pizza slice for $4.25.  Add to this, there was no obvious drink like pop or juice to go with the pizza slice and it was let down.  Perhaps this was an off day for Bread & Sons Bakery in the pizza department.  With all the other rave reviews in both Ottawa Magazine and on about the pizza, I certainly hope so.

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