Tuesday, October 01, 2013

They Put their Heart into it Heart & Crown on Preston

Friday after I had my lunch, I received a phone call from my boss who wanted to know if I'd eaten or not.  "Of course," I replied, I had been to Domino's Pizza and had eaten already. But I would be willing to have a snack and a few drinks if need be.

So of we went to Heart & Crown Pub (347 Preston Street, Ottawa) where we were greeted on the patio and inquired if we would like to sit outside or inside.  Inside we went and we were seated in the back corner near the bar.  Not a bad spot as it is open to the complete restaurant and not where they shove customers they would rather not have seen.  The only issue with this back corner is lighting to read the menu.  We had to get our cell phones out to light the menu in order to see enough.  Once through that, I looked for a simple side order of fries.  Couldn't find it.

The waitress arrived and inquired if we were ready to order.

My Order: 1 Basket of Fries and glass of Coke

The waitress nodded and left to place our orders with the kitchen.  Fifteen minutes later a large basket of fries arrived along with a Heinz Ketchup bottle.

The fries were a little greasy, but hot.  Soft and delicious with a little ketchup to help out.  Perfect pub food.

Service wise our waitress sure moved.  Drinks were always refilled promptly and food came in a reasonable 15 minutes.  It probably helped the bar was only about half full for a lazy Friday afternoon lunch.

Overall, this Heart & Crown Pub location is pretty decent on a Friday for lunch.  Wait staff hustle and the food, based on my simple basket of fries and the rest of my table's meals.  If you are looking for simple pub food with friendly staff who put their "Hearts" into it, this is a crowning pub for you.

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