Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sweet Treats at Auntie Loo's

Auntie Loo's Treats has moved from their Bronson Avenue location to a new location on Nelson Street.  The Nelson Street location closed in June 2015.

This afternoon I visited Auntie Loo's Treats (507 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa). Located in a older converted house into a storefront, this little bakery has become a well known Ottawa favorite for sweet baked goods that come in both original and gluten free options.

I was warmly greeted upon entering.  The options in the display case were kindly reviewed by the two workers behind the counter.  Auntie Loo herself was doing some business on the computer while the bunch of us chatted about the Bronson Street construction and the upcoming Auntie Loo move to another premises.  Apparently this latter part on the move has been possibly going on for some time.  Not sure what the hold up is but the overall story on the move can be found on Auntie Loo's blog posting.  I do hope they can move soon as from the current location I have no idea how they run a retail business while also supplying at least four  Farm Boy supermarkets.  But I digress....

The Order: 1 Cookies and Cream Cupcake.

I paid for my Cookies and Cream Cupcake and left the store.  While strolling up Bronson Avenue, I unwrapped my deliciously looking sweet treat.  Presentation wise it was top notch.  A chocolate cake looking bottom with a vanilla icing and an added touch of a miniature Oreo cookie on the top.

Taste wise, it was sweet!  The icing is definitely for those with a sweet tooth.  The base, after being unwrapped from the cupcake wrapper, was chocolaty tasting.  Well worth visiting for a try.  At $2.85 (including tax) it can be a steep buy on a daily basis but is well worth a once a week or month treat.

Overall, Auntie Loo's Treats has a good business going.  Opening in 2009 at their current Bronson Street location, they have already outgrown their current spot and are looking to move to bigger spot.  The service is friendly and the food is exquisitely good.   Well worth a trip!

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