Sunday, August 18, 2013

Perfect Pizza on Preston

Earlier this month I had lunch for two Friday's at Preston Pizza (125 Preston Street, Ottawa) in Ottawa's Little Italy.   I had been reading both positive and negative reviews on the restaurant's Urbanspoon listing and wondered which was correct.

There had been negative talk of poor delivery service or front desk help along with not very appealing restaurant interior.  

Later on though the reviews were mixed.  A lot of improvements were made to the interior and the pizza was good.  But there still seemed to be the delivery problem again along with the poor restaurant approval rating.  So which is it?  There was only one way to tell.

I visited for lunch at the beginning of August to find a modern pizza counter with two gentlemen behind the counter.  I surveyed the menu and settled on:

The Order:  2 Meat lovers pizza slices and a can of Pepsi for $5.00

The service was prompt and two slices were dished up in exchange for a five dollar bill.  I left the restaurant and returned to the office.

Upon opening the slices I could tell they were good.  The cheese was melted and the meat was noticeable.  No problems optically.  Taste wise it was one of the better slices I had in Ottawa.  No skimping or hiding the sparse amount of meat under the cheese.  The meat was all on top and definitely not skimped.

The pop though was an issue.  It was more than room temperature, it was pizza parlor hot.   Apparently the refrigerator was on the fritz.

A return the following week, same great tasting pizza, but the pop was cold.  The refrigerator had been fixed.
Overall, Preston Pizza seems to be a much improved place from yesteryear.  The pizza is pretty good and is available at an excellent price for lunch time grabbing, enjoy!

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