Sunday, July 07, 2013

Could I Have a Second Cup Please?

Friday, found myself in the Beechwood area in the morning.  Looking for a nibble and a cup of coffee I headed over to the Second Cup (1 Springfield Road, Ottawa).

Outside the front door, behind a short wrought iron fence, is a small outdoor patio area where customers can enjoy their drink of choice while people watching.  This is one of two comfy areas customers can choose from.  More on the other later.

Inside the front door, via the small patio area, I was welcomed by one of the Barista's.  Walking by the display case of baked goods, I noticed something savory right away to snack on.

The Order: 1 Medium Irish Cream Coffee and a Cinnamon Roll.

I paid for my order, gathered it and found a seat in the indoor section of the coffee shop.

This Second Cup has tables with leather parsons chairs as well as the more traditional coffee shop favourite, the leather comfy chair with coffee table.  I chose the leather parsons chairs and regular table to enjoy my coffee, cinnamon roll and newspaper on.

The Irish Cream coffee is exactly like you would find at any other Second Cup.  A hot coffee with a creamy smell and taste to it.  Worth the purchase to experience it yourself.

The cinnamon roll I had no idea how it would turn out.  The cinnamon roll was nearing the end of it's shelf life.  Second Cup has most, if not all, of it's baked goods shipped in.  This means bakery fresh is not their claim to fame.  Thus, the cinnamon roll, like most of Second Cup's baked goods, has been around a while  resulting in drier tasting goods.  This dryness is fine for muffins and other similar bakery goodies, but cinnamon rolls not so much.  Thus, it was satisfactory to eat, but not wowing like I've had even during a recent Ikea visit.  If you're looking for a good cinnamon roll, skip this place.

Overall, Second Cup sticks to what it knows best, coffee.  Baked goods are not this coffee chain's forte.  They are usually drier and not as fresh as Bridgehead or a local bakery.  However, this Second Cup has comfy seating inside and out with a real community feel to it.  You will see interesting non threatening people walking by or visiting for their cup of java at this coffee shop.  It seems to be the neighbourhood coffee shop for the New Edinburgh area where neighbours stop for coffee and catch up on the news either in person or via the newspaper. Thus, there is always a reason for a Second Cup of coffee to be asked for.

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