Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Way Way Back Movie

My wife had found earlier this week free movie prescreening tickets on for Fox Searchlight Pictures'  "The Way Way Back" movie that is to be shown starting July 5th.  The movie stars Steve Carell and many others including Allison Janney (The West Wing) in a coming of age comedy.

Following dinner at Kelsey's on Thursday evening, my wife and I headed over to the Cineplex Odeon at South Keys Shopping Centre.  We were expecting unorganized chaos and long waits in line due to our previous experience with "The Guilt Trip". Thus, we packed a couple of books and a lot of patience.

We arrived shortly after 6 P.M. to the theater for the 7 P.M. showing.  We were met at the front with a representative scanning our printed passes in exchange for free movie tickets.  We then moved over to Cineplex Odeon's usher who admits people into the theater area.  So far so good. Next, we were asked to line up outside the theater.   So far so good, GoFobo seemed organized and moving patrons along quickly.

We arrived at the lineup to enter the theater to wait.  We had expected here to wait for 30 minutes.  But a couple of pleasant surprises were in store.  There was another representative, possibly from Fox Searchlight, handing out free movie t-shirts.  Then we were invited to enter the theater.

Front of T-Shirt

Before the movie started, a draw for a $100 HMV Gift card was held that was won by someone in the "Way Way Back" row of the theater. A nice touch compared to the previous experience at the Guilt Trip where only 2 things of swag was handed out and the rest of us left with nothing.  Fox Searchlight Pictures went above and beyond the call by handing out free t-shirts as well as the free prescreening tickets.

Back of T-Shirt
Finally, the main presentation began! No movie trailers for other movies were shown, just the 90 minute main picture.  The main plot line sees a young awkward teenager who is forced into a summer trip with his mom and her new boyfriend (Steve Carrell) and boyfriend's teenage daughter to a summer house.  Duncan, the teenager, seems completely awkward and is derided by Carrell's character.   Duncan looks completely depressed until he happens to upon the Water Wizz waterpark where he is hired onto a staff of missfits.  Here he gains his self esteem and moves on from there.

The movie itself is a decent family comedy but not as funny as the Hangover series. But it is more funnier than The Guilt Trip which was saw last December.  Don't expect this movie to garner any awards for hilarity or acting, but do at least see it in theaters coming July 5th.

Thanks to Gofobo and Fox Searchlight Pictures for providing this opportunity to see a decent comedy in theaters.  Organization and speed of service seemed to have been improved.  The free t-shirts, which I have now worn my shirt twice, was also a nice touch. Congrats on providing a fun night out for my wife and myself.

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