Sunday, May 12, 2013

2013 Canadian Tulip Festival: Ottawa Awash in Colour!

Tulip Festival Logo Sculpture at Ottawa City Hall

The 2013 Canadian Tulip Festival is now two thirds of the way through the scheduled three weekends.  The first weekend was a bit of a disappointment as most of the tulip blooms had yet to appear.  But this past week's daytime heat has resolved that issue.

Tulips at Commissioners Park

The second weekend, especially today (Sunday) though saw colder temperatures meaning many of the tulip blooms did not want to open.  Instead they seemed to shiver in the breeze.  The best tulip sighting location so far has been Commissioner's Park with over 300,000 tulips in bloom.

Lots of different colours highlight Commissioners Park with bonus contributions of surrounding trees spring blossoms.  Tour buses dislodge hundreds of tourists into the park daily from nearby Carling Avenue while a plethora of strollers emanate from mini vans from the Park's Parking lot.  

Trees in spring blossom overlooking tulips at Commissioners Park

Next weekend may be the end of the Tulip Festival and the tulip blooms themselves.  The great die back of the blooms wipes away what has only been temporarily created.  That is until next year.  

See more photos of the Canadian Tulip Festival in my Ottawa photo section.

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