Saturday, March 23, 2013

While on the Train, Pick up a Sandwich

For lunch on Friday I visited Subway (500 Terminal Avenue, Ottawa) for an old fashioned sub sandwich.  I had previously tried the Subway in the Alta Vista Centre and found it subpar.

On previous visits to this location at the Ottawa Train Yards I have had pretty good sub sandwiches with friendly service.  Friday was no different.

I visited at 12:15 to find the restaurant filled with people and a decent line up.  I thought twice about joining the line as sandwich shop lines are not known for moving that quickly.  I gritted my teeth and stuck to it.  Turned out I was right, I looked at my watch when I joined the line and after paying, 5 minutes total.  Not bad for a busy spot with about 20 sandwiches in front of me.  The place ran like clockwork with 4 employees manning the counter.

The Order: 1 12" Cold Cut Combo on 9 Grain Wheat.

The first employee inquired about what type of bread and cheese I would like before passing me over to the second.  The second employee added the meat and other toppings.  The third employee was tied up in making a salad for a bit.  Thus, he really wasn't used except to wrap the sandwich.  But it was nice to see the second employee ensuring I didn't get stuck in Subway sandwich prep pergotory by noticing the third employee was a little backed up due to the salad prep and helped to top a few sandwiches with vegetables. Finally, the fourth employee took payment and gave the ever usual fast food upselling query: "Would you like to make it a combo?"  I of course said "no" and skipped out the door.

At home, I unwrapped my sandwich and ensured it was made to Subway specifications, as in 12" long sandwich.  I did this as I had previously read that other customers had found Subway was giving them 11" bread instead of the advertised 12" or footlong.  Sure enough, my sandwich was a perfect 12"

Now taste wise, things also stacked up.  The mayonnaise was perfectly apportioned and not spilling out.  There was only 1 topping spilling out, the usual lettuce.  No other casualties that fell out of the sandwich were  noticed.  Freshness wise, all the ingredients tasted perfect.  I only mention this because at some Subway locations the toppings can get a little questionable especially when they taste like they have been sitting for a while.  Noticeably, it is usually the meatballs with the dried on tomato sauce.

Overall, the Subway at Ottawa's Train Yards shopping complex is a great place to grab a sandwich while on the go.  Good knowledgeable service with a decent turnover of fresh toppings ensures good sandwiches leave the place.  This has become my new favourite place to grab a Subway sandwich.

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