Thursday, March 07, 2013

Starring at Starbucks

Stopped by Starbucks (81 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa) for cup of coffee.  Didn't even know this location was there.  But that is to be expected despite the large Starbucks symbol out front at the corner of Metcalfe and Slater Streets,  it is across the street from another Second Cup and kiddie corner to another Tim Hortons location.  In fact add another coffee shop to the vacant lot on the northwest corner of Metcalfe and Slater, it could be renamed "coffee shop corners".

I visited at 12 Noon from the Metcalfe Street side and was greeted by a sign that said "line up here" on top of a met post with the felt customer que strung to another one.  I thought it was funny I was supposed to start there but the end of the line was on the other.  But it did make since there was five customers in line waiting for their caffeine fix.

With only one Barista working the cash things were not moving too fast.  Two other Baristas were like a mirage in the back making other customers drinks.  So hopeful, yet so far from the coffee. Worse, the first lady in line wanted to know every last detail on the ground coffee package she wished to purchase.  Questions to the only Barista on cash seemed to flow a trickle.  The Barista kindly explained each answer in a calm manner as the other customers started to fume. Fortunately a white knight arrived, washed her hands, put on her Starbucks green apron and bubbily took up her post at the cash.  HUZZAH!

The line started to move as the new Barista cheerfully took orders, filled coffee and moved customers needing specialty coffee to the other two Barista's at the prep area.  The other Barista finely sold the ground coffee to Question Lady and CHARGE! The green aproned Barista team was back to full strength and rocking the line. I moved quickly up the line to place my order.

The Order: 1 Medium Black Blonde Roast Coffee.

I paid and left laughing at the situation I just left.  I enjoyed my coffee, it tastes just like a lighter side of regular Starbucks coffee but not as good as Tim Hortons serves nearby, but it is right up there.

Overall, this Starbucks is not too bad.  Sure customer service line ups were a small hitch but the staff made up for it with an additional Barista coming in to save the day.  The coffee is good and the inside of the restaurant itself looked pretty clean and appealing with free WiFi internet and decent seating.

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