Tuesday, February 26, 2013

People Charging their Cell Phones at the Library...

This afternoon I visited the Main Branch at the Ottawa Public Library to use the Internet Connection.

I sat down and set up my computer and settled in.  Just as I was finishing up another lady arrived and spied the available seats.  Noticing it was getting a little busy, I pulled my computer forward and she sat down across from me.

She then started unpacking her purse leaving items on the table across from me.  I paid no heed to what she was doing as I continued on with my work. She left for a couple of minutes, leaving her stuff on the table and returned.

I paid half attention to what she was doing now as I found this a little odd.  She took out her cell phone charger and plugged it into the wall.  She tapped the lady on the shoulder sitting at the next table over and inquired if she was charging her cell phone?  The prodded lady nodded in agreement.  She then asked if it was annoying to have to charge her cell phone.

Next she sat down and plugged in her headphones to her cell phone and fiddled with it for a little bit.  Then came the music from the headphones that I could easily hear.  I tried my best to not to bop along.

I noticed gradually how the surrounding tables started to empty.  The music continues and, of course, she starts to sing Michael Jackson's Thriller song.   I continue typing like nothing is happening.

Five minutes later there were three of us in the section of the library.  A lady working on her Apple Laptop with her own earphones in, myself and sitting across from me singing a poor rendition of "She Drives Me Crazy" was the "I'm chargin' my cell phone" lady.   The music continued for a little while.

Eventually. for some stupid reason, the wireless internet connection dropped.  Instead of trying to restart my computer and try again, I closed it up.  I was thinking to myself that if I do this quickly and quietly, she may leave me alone.

Got the computer, mouse and power cord into my bag and was just reaching for my sweatshirt when....

"I'M GLAD YOUR LEAVING" echoes throughout the 3rd floor of the Ottawa Public Library.

I look at the Apple lap top lady who looks at me quizzically, I shrug and she smirks figuring cell phone chargin' lady is listening to something weird.

I put my sweatshirt on, grab my bag and push in the chairs.  Just as I push in the chair...

"I'M GLAD YOUR LEAVING" rings out again.

I leave giving the Apple lap top lady another look and roll my eyes.  She is doing everything possible not to laugh.

I walk past the library's information desk where a librarian looks at me quizzically.  I shrug, but no response. She doesn't know what to think.  I take the opportunity to hastily make my way out of the library.

Moral of the story: People who use the library to charge their cell phones are glad to clear an area and let the world know it.

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