Monday, February 18, 2013

Bridgehead to Chocolate Chippie?

After a skate on the Rideau Canal Skateway, I was in the mood for a place to warm up both the outside and inside of me.

Since I was in the Glebe, I decided to do a little walk from the Bank Street Bridge towards the downtown via Bridgehead (750 Bank Street, Ottawa).

I entered at 10:35 A.M. to a bustling coffee shop full of families on this family day.  Some were drinking coffee and surfing the internet while others were enjoying a nibble and a drink of choice after skating.

I got in line behind a mother and a kid no more than three years old.  The kid had his eyes glued to the glass display cabinet at the bottom shelf.  This said bottom shelf happened to be merchandised so all the cookies were on the bottom at his eye level.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Of course the Cookie Monster approved Chocolate Chippies happen to be the first one in eyesight of said three year old. His eyes were locked on the top one and he wouldn't take any of the other four Chocolate Chippies.  Upon his turn, his mother lifted him up to tell the server what he wanted.  Of course the kid clammed up and whispered.  Mom tried again, if it wasn't so cute I may have gotten a little irritated.  But the kid was three and just wanted a Chocolate Chippie and he didn't want to go through the rigmarole of explaining to a lady behind the counter with a pair of metal tongs in hand.   So Mom ended up doing it for him and the server transferred said cookie onto a kid sized plate on the counter.  You could see the kid's eyes get wider as he watched the cookie closer than Fort Knox watches Gold. Eventually his Mom had paid for the cookie, hot chocolate and left.

With an ear to ear smile at what preceded me, I placed my order next.

The Order: 1 Medium Blend Medium Sized Coffee.

I paid for the coffee and left the store to venture northward along Bank Street.

The coffee, like any other correctly made Bridgehead coffee, was delicious.  It was smooth going down, not burnt or having a bitter aftertaste.  It truly hit the spot and was better than the free Nabob coffee I had while skating on the Rideau Canal earlier in the day at the OLG Sno-Bus Station opposite the Fifth Avenue Rest Area.  The coffee was perfect and was gone in matter of minutes before I got on an OC Transpo Bus to head downtown.

Overall, this Bridgehead is in a great location in the Glebe.  During the winter get off the Rideau Canal Skateway and head northwards on the west side of the street to the coffee shop with your skates for coffee, hot chocolate and/or cookie.  Year round though the Glebe neighbourhood is a great spot to shop with a lot of unique stores and restaurants as well as nicely kept homes in the surrounding streets.  This Bridghead, like the others in Ottawa, is a treasure for its great coffee with great service and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy your drink.

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