Friday, December 07, 2012

Stone Soup Foodworks a Mere Fable at the U of O?

After leaving Premiere Moisson at the Faculty of Social Sciences building at the University of Ottawa, my wife and I headed over to the Stone Soup Foodworks Mobile Truck (currently occupying corner of Jean Jacques Lussier Private & Marie Curie Private outside Lamoureux Hall). 

We approached the large green truck that prides itself on locally produced organic food that caters to both vegetarians and regular folk who enjoy a mixture of meat and vegetables. 

We scoured the menu which was serving up tacos and soup for the main dishes of the day.  The menu does vary from day to day which makes for a great variety for regular customers.  However, it also means that for those of us who are in there to try it out for the first time, we are not sure what to expect. The best way to check out what is on offer is to check out the Twitter feed of the Stone Soup Foodworks as they tweet on a daily basis what the menu will be.  Otherwise, if you are in the area be sure to check out the chalkboard outside the truck, head to class, ponder what you wish and revisit to enjoy some fine cooking.

My wife and I decided to have the days Taco Combo which is your choice of one taco and one soup.  So we approached the window, asked a few questions (which were warmly welcomed and answered in a warm and caring way) and placed our order. 

The Order: 1 Korean Taco (Beef & Kimchi) & 1 Tomato-Basil Soup and 1 Refried Been TGaco with 1 Vegetable Chili.

After our food was ready, we inquired how the the name "Stone Soup Foodworks" came about.  It was explained was based on the fable of the Stone Soup and proceeded to tell it in short form. Interesting concept for a food vehicle but will the food live up to the fable?

We paid (2 Taco Combos for $20.00 including taxes), gathered our food and headed to Lamoureux Hall looking for warmth.  The only problem with a food truck in December is the hunt for a warm place to eat.  We ventured through Lamoureux Hall, Montpetit Hall and eventually to the University Centre where the main cafeteria is.  We sat down and dug into our meal. 

The Refried Bean Taco was delicious.  The refried beens were at the bottom of the taco but the rest was loaded up with lettuce and other vegetables.  The only complaint about both tacos was too much fresh toppings!  Nice problem to have but half of it ended up back in the taco container and needed to be mopped up with my soup spoon.  A word of warning if you grab the taco for a meal, make sure to grab more than one napkin, things are a little messy due to the number of toppings.  As well, be careful for the jalepenos they are hot but usually on the top and easy to pick off if you do not wish to many.  You can also request to "hold the jalapenos" which Stone Soup Foodworks will gladly do if you wish.

The vegetarian chili was excellent as well.  My tongue barely misssed the usual beef that was replaced by a nice tomato taste accompanied with kidney beans.  The chili was of a good consistancy and not watery due to the lack of meat. 

The Korean Taco with Kimchi and Beef my wife had.  She first questioned how spicy the Kimchi was before ordering.  It was promised not too spicy.  My wife enjoyed it and never complained about the spicyness of the taco.  She did note that between the taco and her soup this was perhaps the best tasting real food we had in a while that tasted both great and wholesome at the same time. 

The Tomato soup we were promised by the Stone Soup Foodworks was pretty popular one of their favourites.  The soup lived up to it's promise with a great tomato flavour that was accompanied by, our best guess, bread soaked in.  No crackers were necessary for this delicious soup as each spoonful delighted the tongue with tomatoey goodness. 

Overall, the Stone Soup Foodworks Truck is a great addition to the University of Ottawa campus.  The truck  is just a small ways from the former location that used to house the hamburger and fries shack that used to be owned by the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa.  The concept is pretty good as it offers university students great dining options while also being mobile to attend festivals and other busy areas when the university campus is not as busy.  The only downfall is location is not really close to anywhere with great seating during the winter months.  The food quality is excellent and definately lives up to the fable with heartwarming home cooked style meals.  It is not a fable, it is at the U of O.

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