Monday, December 03, 2012

Breakfast at Lieutenant's Pump

Sunday morning my wife and I visited Lieutenants Pump Pub (361 Elgin Street, Ottawa). We arrived at 9 A.M. for the Pub's weekend brunch and were seated quickly.

Our waitress stopped by shortly thereafter to inquire if we would like coffee.  She poured it right away with coffee cups, cutlery and napkins all on the table for whenever you might need it. 

The "bottomless" coffee was decent for a non coffee house place and was refilled several times over during our stay.  The waitress gave us time to enjoy our coffee and peruse the menu.   We decided what we wanted and waited for the waitress to return. 

The Order: 1 Strawberry-Banana Sourdough French Toast with coffee and 1 Scrambled Eggs with toast, fruit and home fries. 

The food took about ten minutes to be prepared and brought out.  Of course the coffee was refilled without being requested which is pretty good service.

The Strawberry-Banana Sourdough French Toast arrived with three pieces of plain toast sized slices of sourdough cut in half stacked nicely.  The strawberries and bananas were not mixed in or associated with the French Toast directly at all, but artfully arranged around the edge of the plate. This was interesting considering that menu called it "Strawberry-Banana Sourdough French Toast" $9.75 and did not mention any sides thus I was puzzled.  But there were ample strawberries and bananas associated on the sides.  Tastewise mixing in the straweberries or bananas with the toast or adding a little syrup was required.  I've learned that I don't really care for sourdough which is not the Lieutenant's Pump Pub's fault, but just my own personal preference. Added fresh melon and grapefruit slices were excellent value.

The Scrambled eggs my wife seemed to enjoy.  The home fries were fried cubed potato chunks served hot. Accompanied with a little ketchup, you have a great take on the traditional greasy spoon date of tomato and potato. Added melon and other fruit is, again, excellent value.  

The pub location itself is clean and arranged to be different cosy rooms adorned in traditional british pub style with leather seating and well kept wooden tables.  The pub itself could be full of people for brunch or on an evening, but each table seems remarkably quiet in their own private function.  The pub, indeed, prides itself on its intimate atmosphere. 

Overall, Lieutenant's Pump provides good wholesome well prepared food is a major draw.  Add in the summertime shaded patio that borders Elgin Street and you have a great place to hang out enjoy breakfast or a couple of beers with friends.  This place grows on you and is the reason it has become a favourite of mine.

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