Sunday, November 11, 2012

Harvey's a Hospitable Hamburger

On Friday I was in downtown Ottawa running a few errands.  I had finished my running around and decided to investigate some lunch. 

I stopped by the Harvey's location at 216 Elgin Street (Ottawa) to order some lunch.  I walked in shortly after 11 A.M. to find no customers and the workers preparing for onslaught of office workers for the noon hour.  

I approached the counter where I was friendly met by one of the employees and placed my order.

The Order: 1 Original Hamburger Combo (Original Hamburger, Regular Fries and Regular Pepsi).

The burger came quickley from the grill to the topping station.  The Burger Barista inquired how I would like my burger topped, and the reply "everything no hot peppers".  Yes, Harvey's is great at ensuring you receive the hamburger topped just the way you like it.  That way you can have your own "Beautiful Thing".

I sat down at a booth, stretched out some reading material printed on newsprint and dug in. 

The hamburger was warm and delicious.  The toppings though, like most Harvey's topped burgers from other locations,  start to slide out.  The toppings slide out presents a challenge as you still want to enjoy your "Beautiful Thing" but are worried the goopy toppings are going to end up ruining your new pants as they drop out of the burger.  Recommendation: lean over your hamburger wrapper on the table to catch the goop. 

The fries were extremely hot.  This was because they were freshly made as I had placed my order. These are the typical Harvey's fries that would be found at any location.  The main difference usually is how hot the fries are and how fast they are available to the customer waiting.

The service at this location I've always found to be pretty good.  However, I have avoided the busier times of lunch and dinner, so it is hard to guage how service would cope with a higher frequency of customers to serve. 

Overall, this Harvey's location provides the usual quality Harvey's experience you would find anywhere.  The only downfall of this location is it is surrounded by Wendy's and McDonald's locations as well as several other restaurants that this stretch of Elgin Street is known for.

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