Friday, November 30, 2012

Even Lord Vanier Wouldn't eat at B.K. in Vanier

Thought I'd grab the Burger King coupons I've been hoarding and find a Burger King somewhere downtown.  There used to be a Burger King at Rideau Centre, but it closed years ago and replaced by a Forever 21 store. There used to be another one in the Byward Market, but it as well closed years ago.

So I ventured along Rideau Street, across the Cummings Bridge, down Montreal Road and stopped at Hannah Street.  There was a Burger King (199 Montreal Road, Ottawa). 

This section of Ottawa, Vanier, isn't the best area to grab a hamburger. Vanier has seen better days with the same run down storefronts and buildings present from when I went to university in 1998.  The people on the street look a little sketchy as well.  Even the bus ride on OC Transpo's Route 12 from the Rideau Centre along Rideau Street was sketchy.  The two people beside me had cracked open a beer and it wasn't even 11:30 A.M.

I entered the restaurant and walked up the cashier, handed over my coupons and ordered.

The Order: 1 Junior Whopper Combo (Junior Whopper, Medium Fries and Medium Coke)

There were three servers behind the counter and presumably one in the kitchen. The two on drive through retrieved my food and drink.  This was because the cashier was pulled away from her job in order to serve another customer to explain the bathroom door wasn't locked now.  I presume this is because there is an automatic button installed at the counter to allow the Burger King Employees unlock the bathroom doors remotely in order to prevent any funny business from going on. 

I gathered my condiments and had a seat at a table.  The tables were clean with the odd newspaper laying about but no crumbs or stray fries evident. 

I opened my Whopper Junior and was expecting a smaller edition of the more popular Whopper. That is exactly what I got but was surprised at the rest.  The Whopper Jr. had probably twice to three times the amount of mayonaise as required.  Thus, I ended up with a Mayonaise burger Junior instead of a true Whopper.  There was only one sad looking tomato as well.  Not sure what the specifications on a Whopper Junior are, but one tomato seemed a little lack lustre.

The fries tasted better than the old cardboard ones they used to serve back when Burger King focused more on their burgers than the fries. So at least that was a step forward.  They were warm but definately not freshly prepared.  Quantity wise, it was a little depressing.  I double checked my receipt to ensure that the meal came with a "medium fries".  Yes, it was punched in properly.  If what I received was a medium fries, than I hate to see what a "small fries" is.  McDonald's "small fries" are about the same the size as a Burger King "medium fries."

Overall, the coupon proved to be a rip off.  For a "1 can dine for $3.99" I was left hungry and went home to have an apple.  This Burger King location is in a low end neighbourhood with detiorating food standard quality. It is a wonder they are allowed to call themselves "Burger King" when a "Burger Knight" would have served better.  It's sad really how the mighty have fallen since the middle ages.

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