Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Tank at Merivale McDonald's

Recently in the Ottawa Metro newspaper I came across a story of a group of high school age friends who built a tank during the summer.  Upon completion they thought they would provide some delight to those at local fast food drive thrus including Wendy's, Harvey's and McDonald's.

The visits to Harvey's and Wendy's went decently with the staff playing along.  In fact the Harvey's manager even enjoyed it so much they brought the teens coupons for free hamburgers for future visits. 

The McDonald's manager though (at the 1675 Merivale Road, Ottawa location), whose underwear must have been to tight or ran out of secret sauce for the Big Mac's laid into these teens for not having a vehicle and thus could not order anything from the drive thru.   Apparently the manager had no sense of humour that these teens had the artistic imagination to dream up building their own tank out of cardboard.   It is sad really that everything at retail food establishments comes down to policy and some exceptions are not made based on employee judgement.  

But at least the teens have gotten what they wished, their video is just starting to go viral.  Koodos to them.

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