Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tim Hortons Alta Vista

This morning I stopped by for a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons (1583 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa).  I entered this location within the Alta Vista Plaza to find a medium lineup in length.  With two storefront cashes open and team of Tim Horton's staff on duty the lineup is quick to get through. 

The Order: 1 Toasted Cinnamon Raisin Bagel  with Plain Cream Cheese and 1 Medium Black Coffee.

The cashier poured the coffee and I ventured down to the bakery preparation station to await my bagel.   

At the bakery, there were two workers there, one fetching the baked goods (i.e. bagels and english muffins) and the other prepping them with spreads.  These employees were flying with items going out the nearby drive thru window and popping up at storefront for pick-up.  There was a customer ahead of me looking for his english muffin.  He was still there after my bagel came up (less than a minute wait) but didn't seem to argue. 

I reviewed my seating options and sat down at a nearby table.  Upon reviewing my seating options I noted, like previous morning visits, there were tables with crumbs, dishes and used Tim Horton's packaging.  But this time one of the employees completed the rounds in retrieving the dishes and disposing of the garbage left on the tables.   The main suggestion for this location is to have someone on a part time basis as part of their duties invest their time in ensuring the customer tables are clean an inviting by washing the tables down and removing anything that doesn't need to be there.  This is similar to what occurs at the Yonge Street Tim Hortons location in Richmond Hill where someone looks after these areas as well as ensures the garbage is emptied as well.  

The coffee and bagel were exactly as I expected and have had in Toronto area.  Same goodness that I have come to expect.

This Tim Horton's is similar to expectations as others.  The service is excellent and, with a little work on table cleanliness, would be a top notch well run Tim Horton's franchise that head office would be proud of.


  1. Hey Cousin!
    You and Yvon HAVE to try out the artisan doughnuts from SuzyQ - they are bloody amazing!! I was at a meeting at the Brittania water treatment plant last month, and they supplied these amazing doughnuts!! Apparently you have to be there pretty much when the doors open... let me know if you give it a try - would love to see what you think!


  2. Hi Darlene!

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will have to hunt these down. I think we went by the location on an adventure to Westboro recently.


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