Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tim Horton's on Red Maple

This morning I decided to repair a burnt out light bulb and get breakfast.  With a Home Depot and a Tim Horton's (50 Red Maple Road, Richmond Hill) in the same plaza, I could fuel up for a day of handiness.

In entered the Tim Horton's shortly after 8 A.M. this morning and walked up to the cashier and ordered with no line up. 

The Order: 1 Medium Black Coffee and 1 Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with regular Cream Cheese.

The cashier looked completly tired and uninterested in serving a customer.  She merely went through the motions and definatly not sounding cheery or helpful at all.  I grabbed my coffee and headed to the bakery section for my bagel.

At the bakery section next to the drive thru there were four workers.  1 was refilling the cream cheese, 1 was preparing my bagel and the other two were working the drive thru.  Things seemed a little more promising here.  They repeated my order back to me as they handed it to me and ensured I had everything. 

I ventured over in search of a clean table.  Interestingly there wasn't any to be found.  Yes there were tables available, but all of them had crumbs on them and/or coffee stains.  None of the tables looked like they had been cleaned today let alone late yesterday. 

I settled into one table and ate my usual Tim Horton's bagel and coffee, everything tasted satisfactory like it would of at any other Tim Horton's.

Upon leaving, I noticed the two workers at the bakery were standing talking to each other.  The cashier I had placed my order with was tidying up her work area.  I shook my head that none of them had a cloth in their hands and cleaning the tables.  Obviously, the manager was gone as all the employees didn't seem to know the customer tables were a mess.

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