Thursday, September 06, 2012

A Couponed Big Mac Attack with a Side of Cold Fries

With a coupon received in the mail, I headed off to check out the age old meals of McDonald's (255 Silver Linden Drive, Richmond Hill).  I waited in line for about two minutes before handing over my coupon to Dorothy, the "swing manager" according to her name tag, politly accepted my "make it a meal for $4.99" and my order.

The Order: 1 Big Mac Meal with Medium Fries and a Medium Coke.

I shuffled to my left at the counter so Dorothy could take the next order.  Fast forward two minutes and Dorothy had my Big Mac and Medium Fries with an empty medium cup on my tray all ready to go. 

I ventured over to the soft drink fountains and condiment station.  At the soft drink fountain I filled my cup with Coke and observed the present from a previous customer of a half cup worth of already spilled Coke on the counter and a few straw wrappers.    After picking up the necessary accoutrements, I found a seat along the wall with the high sitting bar stool like chairs.

The McDonald's seemed steadily filled with young families looking for a quick bite to eat before shopping at the Richmond Hill Wal-Mart.  There were two shopping carts in the restaurant, one doubling as a high chair with a hollering two year old making the saltiest mashed potatoes out of his fries with his bare hands.

I dug into my meal.  The Big Mac looked and tasted average at best. McDonald's fries are normally known for being the best of the fast food industry.  Tonight's sampling left a lot to be desired.  They were soggy and just this side of cold in temperature.  Not the greatest fries ever made, but, sadly, I have had worse.  The fountain Coke was pretty good for a McDonald's, not overly syrupy but also not carbonated tasting coloured water either. 

Overall, this McDonald's is a little different from your conventional McDonald's. It is located in a Wal-Mart which means it is a little cramped in space in comparison as well the clientele tends to think it can bring in their Wal-mart shopping carts.  But overall I find the service to be faster and the food about the same quality as the regular McDonald's.  The best thing about this location is it provides a an opportunity to satisfy a Big Mac Attack before starting our weekly shopping trip.

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