Monday, June 11, 2012

Swilling in Yogurty's Yogurt

After some lunch at Moxie's, my wife and I headed South on Yonge Street to Yogurty's (4922 Yonge Street, Toronto) with our Dealfind coupons in hand to try out this serve yourself frozen yogurt dessert place.

As we entered, we waited for the attendent to finish up with a previous customer.  Once the customer left, the attendent came over to welcome us to Yogurty's and inquire if we had.  We replied we had not but also wanted to know if our Dealfind coupon would be valid before we began putting together our tastey treat.  The attendend said our coupon was valid and then led us on a tour of the location and how things operated. 

The store concept is pretty simple and exactly like Menchies.  The customer is complete control of the
After the attendent left us we started in to make our sundaes.   I tried some strawberry and creamsicle frozen yogurt mixed with some strawberries and peanut chunks.  My wife enjoyed som green tea flavoured frozen yogourt.   The only complaint, besides the price, was the frozen yogourt was a little soft for our liking.

After paying($10.00 and change for two desserts) we walked northward on Yonge Street doing some people watching and window shopping.  Overall it an decent visit, but I would have to head back again to give it another try to see if it is worth it or if the frozen yogourt is too soft for our liking.

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