Saturday, June 30, 2012

Get out of the Line!

Recently I visited McDonald's in Aurora for a morning coffee and muffin before starting work.  I walk in on an otherwise relatively quiet Wednesday to the usual one cashier/server working the line.  However, the line fairly lengthy and not really moving. 

The first customer in line is a mother with an 8 year old who is ordering while the mother looked on.    Now eight year olds (and others who are younger) are funny people, you ask them a question and they get thrown for a loop.  They love routine and once focused on something they are good to go.  That was the case of this 8 year old at McDonald's. 

That was until the cashier asked if he would like his Egg McMuffin Sandwich in a combo.   He was stunned, then he couldn't remember the rest of his order and things deteriorated from there.  The rest of the line behind him started to get restless.   Here was a proud 8 year taking his mother out for breakfast for what seemed to be her birthday with his very own money.  A proud day for any kid to say "no Mom, I got this one"  and things were starting to go downhill. 

But kudos to this kid though, he looked at his mother for a little guidance. She smiled and said a combo was fine.  But then came the next question for this flustered would you like your coffee?  Stunned silence from the kid.  Mom hung him out to dry on this one.  The line grew restless again about lack of progress.  No help from McDonald's management on this one either, no manager acting Saintish and swooping in to open another till to make things right.  

Eventually the kid clicked in, finished up the coffee order and rhymed his order off. 

Fast forward to lunch a couple of days later.  Two tills open for lunch.  A single lady who probably is old enough to remember when McDonald's opened, is contemplating her chicken sandwich "grilled or crispy".  She spent at least 5 minutes in line staring at the menu wondering what to order.  She then contemplates "crispy or grilled?" and to make matters worse "fries or salad"...hmmm  decisions, decisions....

The other till has three kids and a mother who is trying to select the toys for the happy meal.  The oldest says "I don't care which one I get" from the 10 different choices.   The youngest is furious that the only choice he eyed, McDonald's happens to be out of stock.  What ever happenned to McDonald's only offering one toy per week and changing it up week in and week out?  Too many choices and so much indecision.  Face it, McDonald's customers are not exactly great at choices...combo or no combo?  Crispy or grilled?  Would you like to upgrade your meal for an extra $0.49?  and on and on it goes.

Some days I feel just like John Pinette at McDonald's......

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