Saturday, March 03, 2012

No Pricey Second Cup

I checked out a local specialty chain coffee shop in my off and on search for good coffee.  I have tried McDonald's, Country Style and Tim Horton's in the local Richmond Hill area.  

On Thursday I stopped by the Second Cup (8910 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill) to enjoy a cup of java.  I walked in and was served immediatly by a polite Barrista. 

The Order: 1 Medium cup of Caramelo Coffee

The Barrista poured the coffee from their insulated coffee decanter with one hand as I paid into her other hand.  I find at many Second Cup locations experienced staff can pour a coffee yet take cash at the same time. 

One issue I've recently been contemplating about Second Cup is they normally have five different flavours housed in insulated coffee caraffes.  Other coffee chains promise fresh coffee with Tim Horton's promising their coffee is freshly brewed at every 15 minutes.  With that in mind, how many times do the flavoured coffee get changed at Second Cup?  Hourly, dayley, who knows?

Anyway, I find the flavoured coffees at this Second Cup to be pretty good.  The taste is excellent even with the questions behind the coffee's freshness.  The main issue is the price.  At $2.45ish per medium cup it is more than McDonald's ($1.50) and Tim Horton's.  Hence it gets a little expensive if you return for a refill or second cup of coffee.   This despite the possible lack of freshness. 

Overall, the coffee is great tasting but the price and issues with freshness of the coffee are rightful customer concerns.

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  1. Greetings from Montreal, Quebec. I just stumbled upon your blog today and wanted to say that I enjoyed my visit.


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