Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Digital Hero

In the past year I had the misfortune of having computer issues.
My HP Laptop decided to have a flickering screen and then stop working.  I called HP for to see if there was an easy workaround or how much to repair it.  However, I was stymied as my 4 year old laptop was out of warranty and the technician said before he could say anything HP required a $50.00 yearly fee to diagnose the issue and tell me if it could be fixed. 

I figured since the laptop was three years old, HP would collect their money and tell me there was nothing they could do.  So I gave up and hung up the phone. 

I turned to Bob Kyriakides of Digital Hero to see if he could investigate the issue.  I explained the symptoms to him and Bob took my computer for a couple of days to investigate.  His reply was there was a loose connection between my computer screen and the motherboard.  He knowledgeably explained this was a common issue in HP Laptops.  He also said he could fix it this time temporarily but that it may not work permanently.  He is also friendly suggested that I start watching for sales on computers.  

The one thing I love about this Digital Hero is that he always tells the truth as he is not interested in selling you a new laptop or gizmo like other technicians who are also commissioned to sell products.  Bob tells you the truth and explains it to you in plain easy to understand speak.  He gauges his customers to see how much tecnobabble they can handle as he explains the issue.  The best of all, Bob never considers any query to be a stupid question. 

A couple of months later, my old HP laptop finally gave up.    I took the computer back to Bob who did some diagnostics and said the motherboard was fried.  He backed up the computer to an external hard drive and recommended I purchase another computer.  Bob handed me my old computer in two pieces.  The first piece was the hard drive and second was the rest of the computer.  Bob had the thoughtfulness to ensure I had the hard drive with all my data so I could recycle my old computer without worrying about any data on the old hard drive falling into the wrong hands. 

In the end I learned I could depend upon Bob Kyriakides, he helped me through a tough time with my computer issue with knowledgeable technical service and a friendly demeanor.  I would definitely recommend Bob and Digital Hero to anyone looking for expertise in repairing, purchasing or anything computer related.

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