Sunday, January 22, 2012

On Friday, my coworker and I grabbed some coupons ordered over the phone and headed over to Pizza Pizza (14846 Yonge Street, Aurora) to pick up our order. 

The Order: 1 Extra Large Pizza with Pepperoni, Mushrooms and Sausage, 2 Cokes and 2 Poutines.

But before we could leave our office Pizza Pizza Customer service called to inquire if we actually placed an order for pick-up.  They explained that location had several blank orders come through and which location did we wish to order from. 

So I reordered again, pulled up the location on Google Maps so Pizza Pizza Customer Service could have the exact location to pick-up from (and not the one from across town).  So with the order in twice to Pizza Pizza we finely left hoping to pick up at least something.

When we arrived at the Pizza Pizza store it was crowded with High School students from the nearby Dr. G.W. Williams Secondary School. I stood in line while my coworker went to see if he could flag down the guy behind the counter as we had preordered and just wanted to pay, pick up and leave.  There was only one server, as far as I could tell, wandering between the pizza oven, the cash register and ready made slices to serve easily 50 high school students. 

Thank goodness my coworker was successful as otherwise I might still be in line as of this writing waiting for my now cold (frozen?) order.  We escaped virtually unscathed back to our office instead of hanging out with the zoo of high school students. 

The pizza overall was quite good.  The sausage was better than the nearby Regino's Pizza.  Otherwise the pizza was the usual run of the mill Pizza Pizza with tomato sauce and other toppings.  Nothing really to write home about, nothing special just Pizza Pizza taste.  What else would you expect from a chain pizza place?

The poutine was lackluster.  One poutine was drowned in gravy and cheese and was not too bad.  The other had a little gravy and might as well been an order of fries with a sneeze of gravy and barely any cheese.  It was like the fries had been wafted over the cheese and gravy sauce pan.

Overall the pizza was good, the customer service and poutine had much to be desired.  I might retry ordering another time from this Pizza Pizza while ensuring I do not pick-up or order while the high school students are clamouring for some za.

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