Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not So Crabby about Crabby Joe's Tap & Grill

This past Tuesday my coworkers and I headed on over to Crabby Joe's Tap & Grill (125 Pederson Drive, Aurora) for Wing night.  There were twelve of us arriving. 

We attempted to make a reservation, but the restaurant does not allow for reservations on wing nights.  But we were promised probably success if we came before 6 P.M. as there is usually tables together.

A couple of minutes of the waitresses to push some tables together and we were escorted to our table in the back.  This is where the first issue happenned.  There really was only space for twelve people in a spot for barely 10 people normally.  We quickly resolved the issue by adding another table.

A waitress stopped by and took our drink order.  The drinks quickly came to the table with some assistance of the waitresses' coworkers.  The food orders were then taken with Chicken wings all around and pitchers of beer, coke and Water all around.

My Order: 1 Pound of Parmesan wings with a pitcher of Molson Canadian.

The orders of food came in with just as much promptness as the drinks which is pretty quick!

But here is where the wheels fall off.  My Parmesan wings were fairly dry.  Not like the much more tastier Parmesan wings offered at All Star Wings.  Also, there were no carrot sticks or celery that normally come with chicken wings.  But at least at the price was right at 39 cents per wing.

For wing night it was also dissapointing. There were only about 9 different kinds of wings served.  True this place isn't just a Chicken Wing specialty restaurant like All Star or Wild Wing.  But considering this is wing night it seems they might want to break out a few more flavours.

Overall, Crabby Joe's Tap & Grill is a mediocre pub at best.  There are plenty of pubs in the area to choose from that have better atmosphere rather than a pub with average restaurant looks.  Thus, I like the restaurant in terms of service.  However, the food wasn't totally bad but not great either.

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