Sunday, October 09, 2011

Good Food at Alice Fazooli's

Recently in the mail I received a buy $50.00 or more in food and receive $25.00 off to Alice Fazooli's (155 York Boulevard, Richmond Hill).  My wife and I headed out for a Saturday lunch. 

We arrived shortly after 1:00 P.M. to find the place virtually deserted except for a few occupied tables.  Really it looked like a few drops of water in an Olympic sized swimming pool.  But a least there was no wait for seating.

After being seated, our waitress stopped by and took our drink order. We stared at the menu trying to figure out how to ensure our order was at least fifty bucks so we could best use our coupon. Eventually we placed our order that came in at a magical $55.00.  Enough to be filling yet economical to ensure the coupon was used correctly.

The Order:  Alice's Homemade Meatballs sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese,  Fettuccini Di Mare and Steak with Beans and roasted Mushrooms in a Red Wine Sauce.

The waitress quickly returned with some rolls and olive oil. The olive oil was well done and made the rolls taste perfect.  The rolls themselves though do have hold their own and seamed freshly baked that day, but it was hard to tell since they were not warm as in fresh out of the oven. 

Alice's Homemade Meatballs arrived first as an appetizer.  There were two large metaballs doused in a delicious tomato sauce which our server sprinkled parmesan cheese on.  The meetballs were delicious and we soon found the asiago cheese in the middle. 

Another five minutes passed and our food arrived. 

I dug into the steak to find it succulant yet tasty with the red wine sauce.  The beans were the typical steamed vegetables that were nothing really to write home about.  The mushrooms were great when integrated in with the sauce from the steak. 

My wife enjoyed the muscles and shrimp in her Fettucini as well as the sauce and noodles.  She was full yet sated after devouring her meal.

Overall Alice Fazooli's was a great lunch spot with great food.  Based on the layout of the restaurant, the place is usually hopping on weekend nights as it seemed to hold over a hundred people. But the price is a little pricey for a weekly visiting.

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