Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mary Brown's Not the Best Legs in Town

Recently I visited Mary Brown's (2 Henderson Drive, Aurora, Ontario) for some fried chicken for lunch. 

The Order: Six Piece meal with Potato Wedges, cole slaw and a can of Pepsi.

I waited about five minutes for my order to be prepared which was adequate.  I grabbed my bag and returned to my workplace to eat. 

At work, unwrapping my order I noticed there was only one box, which I assumed was the chicken and a smaller container of Cole Slaw.  I wondered where my potato wedges were, I paid for it gosh darn it!  They didn't seem to be in my bag to go. 

I opened what I figured to be the chicken box only to find potato wedges.  But there was the aroma of fried chicken tickeling my nose.  I dug into the box a little further to find the chicken.  They had buried the chicken in with potato wedges which, even my coworkers agreed, was a little weird. 

The food itself was decent.  The potato wedges was tasty with a potatoey taste.  The wedges themselves competed with ketchup for my taste buds.  The chicken though was unremarkable.  The chicken tasted like anything you would receive at a reputable KFC.  The cole slaw was barely a thimble full worth in quantity.  I felt skimped on the slaw!

So overall, nothing really special about Mary Brown's except for the potato wedges.  So I may return for a side of potato wedges for snacking purposes, but with a bill for over ten bucks for mediocre chicken with potato wedges, a lunch place it is not.

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  1. Hey Michael love the title, lol.
    Well may be they are not proud of their chicken to so they buried under something that is good. Thanks for the heads up, and hope all is well. Anna :)


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