Sunday, June 26, 2011

Subway: Eat Fresh?

I never understood why the Subway Restaurant chain had "Subway Eat Fresh" as their tagline.  Subway restaurants are pretty well all the same.  Theme based on New York City's subway system, every single location in Canada and the United States has the same New York City subway map wallpaper all over.  One wonders why the words "fresh" and "New York City Subway" would ever be together.  New York City subway stations alone each have their own distinct smell and the smell is never good.  In fact each subway station has it's own distinct pungent odour that overpowers the nose sensors. 

Even the trains themselves can be overpowering, I wrote back in 2005 one way to guard yourself against boarding a subway car that was odiforis:

"How can you tell the smell is going to hit you before the doors open at the station you are going to board the train from? Look to see if the car is nearly empty or full. If the train car is full of people, chances are its safe. If the car is near empty, then WATCH OUT! There might be a funky smell comin' your way."

So why would Subway (i.e. the company not the method of transportation) advertise "Subway Eat Fresh" when there could be no way anyone would want to eat on a New York City Subway car reaking of bodily fluids and who knows what else?  Right, they serve fresh ingredients instead of odiforisity of homelessness.  

This evening I headed over to Subway (8865 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill) for a pair of foot long sandwiches for $5.00 a piece plus tax.  I walked into the store and was greeted by the sandwich chef. 

The Order: 1 Cold Cut Combo on Parmesan Oregano  and 1 Meatball Marinara on three cheese bread to go.

The sandwich maker quickly assembled the sandwiches just as I ordered them.  The amazing thing about this visit was this location actually had Parmesan Oregano bread.  Usually at this location the chances of getting Parmesan Oregano Bread is 50%.  The off times I normally have to choose another bread. 

That is really the only complaint I have about Subway, the availibility of their Paremesan Oregano bread.  Otherwise I walk in, get pretty well the same sandwich each time at each location and walk out.  No fuss no muss, just the way I like to get my fast food.

As for the combos, steer clear of their combos in terms of price.  For $2.50 you get a fountain pop (or coffee if there before 11 A.M.) and a small bag of potato chips (or 2 cookies).  Really?  This is why I usually just get my sandwiches and go home to a nice large bag of potato chips ($0.99 each) and whatever the heck I wish to drink.  All for the grand value of less than $2.50 plus tax.


  1. Eat Fresh??? We hear it and automatically we confuse it with eating healthy. Have you checked the nutritional value on some of the food you eat at Subway? Did you know that the flat bread alone has like 41 carbs???!! Lets think about this! The food you eat.... from the vegetables... to the the chicken breats... are placed in those little black containers and they sit there for hours, just waiting for you and your appetite. Pretty FRESH, huh? (Being sarcastic- cant you tell?)Then you ask for a hot sub, they throw it into a microwave!!! Let me say this again... MICROWAVE!!!Fresh?? At least Quizos uses a real mini oven. I recently visited a Subway. And I requested a flatbread. Listen to this. This is good: As the employee checked, he realized that they hadnt brought anymore to the front. The other employee brought the flatbread out from the storage area and guess what?? IT WAS FROZEN!!! Yup! You read that correctly.They wanted to show me that there was no flatbread avaliable by bringing out the block of frozen bread and tapping on it!!! Fresh??? In the end , it is all just a confusing empty slogan. The nutritional value in any fast food place, is pretty much the same. You are not really eating healthy and you definitely NOT eating FRESH. The price may be attractive, but breaking it down, you are paying $2.50 per "6 inch, when you order one of the footlongs that currently are $5. So, Jared...Antwan Ono, and Michael Strahan, cool to see you enjoy the subway brand. But after a closer realistic look at the franchise, be mindful that what you hear is not always what you get. I'm D.C. and that's my take!

  2. Hi DC, thanks for providing your opinion.

    I enjoy Subway and do believe all fast food and restaurant locations each have their foibles.


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