Sunday, June 19, 2011

Play Pizza & Pub is Not Playing Much at All

This afternoon my sister and myself took my father to a nice Father's Day lunch.  We visited Play Pizzeria & Pub (15420 Bayview Avenue, Aurora, Ontario). 

We were seated immediately, which isn't really a stretch considering the entire time we were there we were the only customers. 

In hindsight this should have been a red flag.  We were the ONLY customers on a Father's Day where people normally take out their Dads for lunch and we are the only people here? Really?

Anywho, we ordered our drinks and the waitress came back quickly with them and we ordered our food. 

The Order: Two Calzones and a Margerita Pizza with a Coke, Water and Tankhouse Ale.

The food, as noted in the menu, did take a little while to show up.  This is supposed to show that every dish is made with fresh ingredients caringly by their expert chef.  It took about 20 minutes for the food to prepared which is normal for most restaurants.  But considering we were the only party in restauarant this may be the reason why our food did not take that long.

I had the Margerita Pizza.  The pizza was a little cool when it arrived not like the popping hot pan pizza served at Pizza Hut I had a week earlier. Otherwise the thin crust pizza was delicious prepared and went down well.  The price of $16.00 for a dinner plate size pizza may have been a little much though.

Overall, two calzones, a Coke and a Marerita Pizza came to over fifty dollars for three people.  The food was decent quality so I may attempt a return.  The only concerning part was we were the only patrons there on a lunch Sunday around noon. 

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