Thursday, April 14, 2011

Steer Inn for Mediocre Burgers

This afternoon I stopped by Richmond Hill's legendary burger palace, Steer In Burgers (9839 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill).  This place in recent history has had several newspaper articles and "best of" nominatinos by local business associations which are duly posted on the walls of the establishment.  So one would think that this place would rival the best burger ever made.  I've been here once and had an mediocre experience. 

This time I showed up for lunch shortly before noon today after visiting th local library.  I walked in up to the counter and immediately ordered as there was no other customers there.

The Order: 1 hamburger, 1 fries and can of Coke.

I waited about five minutes for the order to be cooked, topped and put on the tray.  This included telling the cook how I wanted my burger topped.  Not a bad speed for food that is cooked to order.

I sat down at my table with a newspaper I brought myself.  The seating appears to have been there for a while along with the plastic plants and lighting.  So the atmosphere needs a little renovating. 

I dug into the burger and found nothing special.  It was not handpacked by the proprietor or be advertised as being green or anything.  Really there was nothing special at all.  It was an average burger that, barring the dated atmosphere, could have been from the local Harvey's.

Next came the fries.  Nothing to write home about here, again similar to the Harvey's fries but a little more potato per fri than Harvey's. 

The prices came to $7.54 including taxes for my meal which is more expensive than Harvey's  The food was average, not terrible and the service was quite good.  However, if I wanted Harvey's food at more expensive rates I would visit Harvey's and not this place.  Overall, I probably won't be visiting this place for a while.


  1. Michael, I love truckers places, and I like this place - but you got to order the steak on the bun, not the burger, lol.

    We had one trucker place in Mississauga we always visited, it was run by Macedonians, and then was bought by Chinese family - it was never the same, and it was end of this trucker place.

    Lol my timing is the worst coming here late at night and reading about food ...

    Anna :)

  2. Anna:

    Yes this place is an old trucker place. The only problem is that Richmond Hill has grown quite a bit around it. Across Yonge Street is the Central Library and condos towers. Yonge Street thus is becoming like Yonge Street in Downtown Aurora, congested and hard to get through. Thus, many truckers don't stop off here anymore or use Yonge Street but do use other routes (e.g. 404, Bathurst, Bayview).

    Further, I've been looking for a good burger place at a decen price in Richmond Hill. In Aurora, I usually stop by T.C.'s Burgers on Yonge Street (next to the Aurora United Church) for a good burger and fries. Thus, I was surpised at the Steer Inn Burgers providing nothing better than a Harvey's burger combo meal.

    Steak on the bun? Hmmmm...maybe I will have to try a burger again at the Wimpy's Diner in You should visit to see what I'm talking about :)

  3. There is a place just like this on Dixie north of the 401 on the East side.

    Steer Inn is a classic - You cannot compare it Harvey's or any other burger joint.

    Give it another try.

  4. Robert:

    Sadly, I have tried Steer Inn Burgers twice.

    Both times I find the decor to be dated and the burgers overpriced compared to the local Harvey's at Observatory & Yonge Street in Richmond Hill.

    I'm still looking for the good burger place similar to T.C's in Aurora.


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