Monday, March 21, 2011

A Spirited Time at Spirits Bar & Grill

Yesterday my brother, his wife, my sister, my wife and myself headed down to the Bloor & Yonge area for some Indian food.  However, our favourite Indian restaurant is closed on Sundays.  So we headed down Hayden Street to the corner of Church Street and Hayden street to Spirits Bar & Grill (642 Church Street, Toronto). 

Our party of five entered and was seated immediately.  Of course it was pretty immediate as there were only two other tables occupied and a few at the bar on Sunday evening. 

We oggled the menus for a little while after ordering drinks.  The waitress checked in a non-rush style periodically to see if we had decided on what we wanted to order.  Eventually we did and placed our order.

The Order: 3 Spirits Burgers (Half a pound of grilled certified Angus Beef, served on a classic burger bun topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a Strubb's pickle) with sides of fries,  1 pound of chicken wings, 1 Veggie burger with a side of fries, 3 glasses of water with lemon, 1 Pepsi and 1 7 Up.

The meal took about twenty minutes to arrive from the kitchen.  Everything arrived at perfect temperature.  The Spirit burgers arrived with the lettuce, tomato red onion and pickle on it.  The ketchup and mustard came in bottles to be added by the eater.  Once this was done it was time to dig into the burger.  The burger was deliciously juicy yet well grilled.  The only problem was the ketchup and mustard dripping from the burger which made things a little messy.  This really was my own fault as these are the toppings the eater adds themselves from the bottles brought to the table by the waitress.

The fries were quite good as well.  They were potato skin fries fried to perfection.  There could have been a little more in quantity but they tasted good nonetheless. 

My brother and his wife split a Spirit Burger and a pound of wings together and seemed to enjoy them.  

My sister, as the comment below notes, enjoyed the Veggie burger immensley.

Then the bill came.  My brother had 3 7 Ups and I had 2 Pepsis.  Each one of them was individually charged for instead of free refills. So this got a little pricey as each glass of fountain pop was around two dollars a piece.  With the exception of this little tid bit of contention we had a good time. 

Overall Spirits Bar & Grill is a good place to eat.  Just watch how much you drink as it can get pricey especially in terms of what you get in terms of soda pop.  Otherwise dig in and enjoy the bar food.


  1. I would like to make a correction! I had a veggie burger. It was also delicious!

  2. Christine:

    Your comment has been added and I've made the change to posting and noted your enthusiasm for the Veggie Burger offerings.


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