Thursday, March 03, 2011

Saving some CHA.......CHING!

At my new home I have found small drafts coming through the light switch near the front door.  I could feel cold air coming in and the face plate was colder than than the wall above it.  As a new home owner I hate to see my money going out the for no return except to heat the outside, use up more energy and hurt the environment. 

And if there is one thing my Mom ever taught me growing up in a Canadian winter it was "close the door, we don't heat the outside!"  I would imagine she would say the same thing about losing heat through light switches. 

But how to solve the problem?  In this day in age if there is a problem one only has to "Google it" to see if there is a solution.

Below is one of the responses I received to my Google query.

So I set off to my local Home Depot recently and picked up a pack of these babies.  My pack was $4.99 plus tax and came with enough insulation pieces to cover three light switches and seven wall plugs. 

I watched the video again, called my wife and off we went to save the world from drafts from my my house from a cold Canadian winter draft. 

The only thing we did differently from the video was to turn the power off to the light switch (REMEMBER SAFETY FIRST!) and then on the with the task. A quick off with the plate via the new drill, slap two insulation pieces in there and replace the plate.  A couple of whirs later with the drill and I was king of the handmen in this house and a Earth saver extraordinaire.

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