Friday, March 04, 2011

How a Wild Wing Reno = The Expensive Big Mackie with a side of Poor Service at McDonald's

Previously I mentioned that we were looking to go to a Wild Wing location (11 Disera Drive, Vaughan, Ontario ) for dinner but couldn't find the location on the main Wild Wing website
I met my wife at Promenade Mall after work and walked across the street to the Wild Wing location.  However, the storefront was dark and nobody was in the place.

There was a sign on the front window that said "Under Renovation."   This seemed a little weird considering the location is less than two years old and has been open before.  Could there have been something stupid done that required the location to close to renovate in less than two years?  I doubt it unless there was some crazy management overseeing the design, construction and operation of this Wild Wing when it opened.  Something just doesn't add up here. 

So we headed across the street to TNT Supermarket for my wife to pick up some Sushi and I to McDonald's at the Food Court (Promenade Mall, 1 Promenade Circle, Vaughan, Ontario)

There was a small line of three people in front of me.  It took the cashier over five minutes to even take my order which was a little frustrating since the two guys in front of me only wanted two small coffees (which are FREE until March 6th this week!) and a muffin.  However at this location there isn't much manouverability for the cashier to move back and forth as the aisle behind the counter is a little constricted due to the way this Food Court front was constructed.  So she had to push her way past her coworker to get to the other side and return back.  But eventually she got to me.

The Order: A Big Mac Meal (1 Big Mac Sandwich, Medium Fries and a Coke)

Of course after waiting the five minutes by the time she retreived the Coke, again having to push her way to the other side of Food Court front and back, the fries were all gone and she needed to wait for new ones to be fried.  Normally all of this wouldn't disturb me but the price for a Big Mac Meal has risen dramatically (my receipt shows $7.79 including taxes) so a little service would be in order and, as per the Promenade Mall Directory, McDonald's is supposed to be "fast food" not verging on "medium food" proportions.

Finally the fries were ready and one of the cashier's coworkers put them in a container and on hold.  The cashier though asked the cook for another Big Mac.  I interupted saying I needed a Medium fries.  The cashier apologized, corrected the cook and got my fries quickly.  She had to get them quickly though, the friers were basically right next to her barely a step away. 

I sat down with my wife after ten minutes of lining up, ordering and waiting for the food.  I quickly demolished my meal.  It really wasn't anything special or notable except the fries were fresh.  But they had better be considering they just came out the frier. 

The price of $7.79 seemed a little over the top for the meal as well for the portion size I got.  So I doubt I will be returning to McDonald's until I receive some new coupons in the mail for a "Two Can Dine for $8.99" or something similar because, quite frankly, the price to meal ratio just isn't worth it.

Overall, this trip ended in dissapointment and showed how a Wild Wing reno equals an expensive Big Mac Meal with a side of poor service at McDonald's.


  1. I also recently noted that the Wild Wing was off the locations list, and did not answer their phone number. It's very odd, as it seems to have been popular (and other locations seem to be doing well). I didn't know about the "renovations" sign. I wonder if they will be returning. No reason to take them off the store listing if they are...

  2. High HYPO, thank you for commenting.

    I find that location to be perfect for those that live in the area (i.e. the large numbers of condos in behind) and the major transit node associated with the Promenade Mall acrosss the street.

    I have yet to be back that way to see if this location was reopened. I wonder, then, if they have returned or not. Otherwise I have moved my attention to All Star Wings.


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