Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy International Women's Day!

Today is International Women's day! Perhaps I should be writing this post tomorrow after today is over. But then the point and context might be missed. 

Today we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Women's Day.  This day is to celebrate everything that women have been through and struggle to attain in societies around the world. Everything from equal pay, jobs, equality, education, sharing of responsibilities in the home and so much more.  Women have lots to celebrate.  

Lets also remember there are other days and months of recognition throughout the year.  There is Father's Day, Mother's Day, Black History month and others that I cannot remember right now. There seems to be a day or month to celebrate everything unless you are a white man without any children.  Now why is that?

With 365 days in a typical year there has to be a day, just a day, not a month or week, for the average caucasion male without any children?  Perhaps the day could be made for all men worldwide to show the struggles in this day in age that we must endure. 

Recently there have been reports out that boys tend have a lower reading levels than girls in the public school system.  As well, women are now holding more spots in universities than men. Should this issue not be recognized in a "menism" movement similar to the feminist movement that helped to bring about "International Women's Day"? 

What about all the accomplishments in history that men have accomplished in traditional women's roles like nursing and teaching.  Women seem to take great pride in showing how women have climbed into more "male dominated roles" in the workplace and society in general.  Everything from the first female Canadian Senator to the first female doctor to practice medicine in Canada.  These are indeed great accomplishments for women everywhere and should not be downplayed but aplauded.  But shouldn't men also be encouraged and applauded to investigate and take on historically women's roles in occupations and society?  There should be at least a day to celebrate this. 

Of course biology may prevent men from taking on all of women's roles.  Men obviously have yet to sucessfully give birth and provided natural sustanence to a natural baby.  But after a period of time men are able to take over the caregiving role of father to a child.  A true partnership between the couple who brought the child into world could then be given.  Fathers should be recognized for taking on the role of caregiver while there wives return to work after giving birth to their child. Perhaps this should be celebrated on a "Men's Day".

There is lots to celebrate about men in this world.  There is lots to celebrate about women in this world.  Why not have one day for each to celebrate and encourage men and women to strive to be anything they can be.  That, of course, would mean true equality between women and men.


  1. By the way - I've been wanting to post (but could never remember my darn Google account info!!) - but there IS an International Men's Day - November 20th!

    Here's the link:

  2. D...a correction on International Men's Day. The website shows it as November 19th.

    But nonetheless I support the concept that they are trying to publicize.


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