Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Years Eve with the Ponies

Last night for New Years Eve my wife and I headed up to Aurora to meet with my family at Shoeless Joe's for dinner and onto Georgian Downs for a little horse racing action before returning to Aurora to watch the ball drop at Times Square on television.

It was the first time I've ever been to a horse race track.  I bet on one horse ("Mike's Bid") which seemed a sure fire winner based on it's name...sadly it was not to be...he ended up 2nd last...BOOOOOOO!  Anywho, I'm out only two dollars...but really $1.95 after finding a nickel on the lobby floor somebody had dropped on the way out.

Below are photos from our time at Georgian Downs:

Peter & Alice contemplating the ponies.

Christine hoping for the best for the horse she bet on.

Christine wondering if her horse was a wise bet.

Christine's face of hope trackside that her horse will win the race!

Christine's fuzzy head of hope eying the finish line that her horse hopefully will cross first.

The finish of the race Christine's bet on a horse finished at.

Christine's head of shame after she notes her horse came in last place in the race.

The concession stand area of Georgian Downs.

Alice bragging to everyone about her and Peter's winnings on the ponies.

Peter Suddard trackside!

Peter Suddard trackside with the call of the final race of the 2010 Racing Season at Georgian Downs.

The horses heading towards the finish line on the final race of 2010.

Christine's face of glee that her horse finished in first place on the final race of the 2010 Season at Georgian Downs.

The horse that finished first on the final race of 2010 that Christine successfully bet on and got to pet on the nose.
 Overall we had a great time as a family eating, watching and celebrating the new year. 

Happy New Year to All!

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