Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ikea = Good Meatballs

Last night my wife and I had a hot date at Ikea!.  O.k.  not really a hot date but a decent shopping and dinner trip to Ikea (200 Interchange Way, Vaughan, ON).  While there we stopped off at the Ikea Restaurant for dinner.  
The restaraunt is set up in cafeteria style serving where the patron gets a tray and walks by all the food Ikea has to offer in their restaurant.  This includes hot meals served up in their kitchen served by two or three Ikea chefs.  

So we ventured forth, looked at the menu posted and were on our way to gather our dinner.

The Order: 15 piece meatball dinner (includes mash potatoes and gravy), Hot Salmon Plate (stuffed salmon filet with vegetables) and two glasses of Pepsi.

We took our tray and sat down to eat and drink.

The meatball plate was delicious as usual.  The meatballs were good in constistancy but could have been a tad warmer.  The mashed potatoes was decent for the priced paid (i.e. this is no gourmet plate nor restaurant). 

The stuffed salmon filet my wife seemed to enjoy and of course the Pepsi, being fountain, was the normal watered down fountain pop you would find anywhere in a fast food setting. 

Overall the Ikea Restaurant is like a Swedish style fast food cafeteria that serves it's purpose of refueling the Ikea Customer before the shopping trip ahead of them.

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  1. Lol, I guess you must have a good shopping in Ikea after. This sounds like European meal, lol. Anna :)


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