Monday, August 02, 2010

Dis is Denny's

Vancouver - Tonight my wife and I headed over to one of our favourite restaurants that we don't often get to, Denny's.  Denny's is one of our favourite restaurants but we haven't visited one in a year.  Why?  There simply isn't a Denny's location within the Greater Toronto Area where we live.   Why is that?  Why does the Ottawa area have at least one and Toronto, with many more people, have none? What is up with that?  The last time we were at Denny's was in Las Vegas and we loved it.

Tonight we ventured over for some dinner.  We were quickly seated and our drink order was easily taken.  The waitress left us with the menus so we could peruse them.

The Order: The Super Bird Sandwich with Fries and a Coke and the Grand Slam Breakfast.   

The food came within ten minutes of ordering (what service).  My fries were hot and so was the cheese in the Super Bird sandwich. The sandwich was hot, well melted and delicious swiss cheese and the turkey tasted fresh.  Nothing wrong with the sandwich.  The fries were an interesting crinkle cut.  The fries weren't the traditional golden brown, but were more white in nature, different but still good. 

My wife slowly worked through her Grand Slam Breakfast but did remark that the portion size, from what she can remember, has shrunk.

However, on this visit I felt there was just enough food, not too much, just enough.  Has Denny's portion sizes shrunk?  I'm not sure as it takes about a year apart for us to visit one, so we are unable to keep good tabs on this.  Is it true or is it a phenomenon?

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