Friday, July 02, 2010

Liberal Customer Service Part Deux

A little prereading is required on this post....see here for your assignment.

With that out of the way your up to speed where our continuing saga (soap opera?) of getting a correct local freebie newspaper delivered to my home may have ended.   If you thought so, like I did, you would be majorly WRONG!

Fast forward to the evening of Thursday July 1st.  I had just returned home from Canada Day celebrations in Aurora.  I checked my driveway to find what I thought was the usual Thursday Edition of The Liberal newspaper.  All the usual 20 flyers were there along with a York Region New Homes publication, but no Liberal.

I quickly returned to the driveway and checked my neighbour's edition.  Same stack of flyers and York Region New Homes.  

This morning I called The Liberal and spoke to the local supervisor for the area.  I let the supervisor know my name and immediatly clicked on who I was from my previous call last Monday.  I then told her what I found on my driveway last night.

The supervisor's reply was simple: "the carrier didn't have enough newspapers to complete his route" and she said the previous errors were done when the regular carrier was off on sick leave. 

I replied that if he was short on papers and since the carrier was aware of a previous complaint, perhaps the carrier should ensure at least my end of the street had correctly assembled and delivered newspapers. 

I also pointed out the article on The Liberal's very own website about how important customer service.  This last piece the Liberal Carrier Supervisor refused to even comment on.

I then said that I would be watching the delivery this weekend of the Saturday or Sunday paper (which is it really?...your front page date says one thing and your Editorial Page masthead says another) and would be making my decision if I wanted to have this newspaper delivered to me or not.

The Supervisor promised to look into the situation by calling the carrier to see what occurred.  I said she may also want to drive down to my street as when I left this morning there were still several copies of the paper people had yet to pick up.  I pointed out she could randomly sample these to see if the carrier was putting the paper together correctly or not. 

At the end of the call the supervisor promised me a phone call back as to what occurred.  I don't have much hope I will receive either a phone call back and/or a reasonable explanation.  

It's a pity really.  One would think that for a newspaper who claims to have started in 1878, simply ensuring proper delivery to a residential home wouldn't be rocket science.    But apparently for The Liberal it is.

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