Friday, July 23, 2010

Hon of a Good Time at Hon's

Vancouver - This afternoon we stopped off at Hon's (1339 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC) for lunch while on a tour of Downtown Vancouver.

We were seated immediatly after walking in the front door by a smiling waitress who dropped off the menus and poured some tea.

We quickly reviewed the menus and ordered a couple of lunch specials.

The Order: Budha's feist with rice with corn soap and Wun-Tun soup and beef and vegetables with rice.

After ordering I quickly reviewed the decor. It is a simple "tile everywhere" decor with long tables to sit people at. Basically this location is to get you in the door, sit down, eat and leave. Good Service and decent food portions are the order of the day at Hon's. But a Ritz Carlton restaurant this is not.

The food was piping hot and very delicious. The rice and sauce with my beef provided a symbiotic relationship of taste (sauce) and texture (rice). The beef was great too! The only downfall was the delicious broccolli included.

Really the only issue at this place, if you come for lunch, is the fact that the portions are way to large. You definately will not go home hungry from Hon's.

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