Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ai Caramba!: A Mediocre Restaurant

Whistler - Today we visited Whistler, BC for a day trip into the mountains.  We arrived shortly after 1 P.M. Pacific Time (Vancouver Time) and started looking for a place to eat. 
We looked at one of the local tourist maps and chose Elephant & Castle.  However, when we arrived there we noticed the location was closed and wouldn't open until 3:00 P.M.  I double checked the map and it said the location served "Lunch & Dinner."  Um...if you serve "Lunch & Dinner" don't you need to be open for at least the noon hour through to eight o'clock?  Just askin. 

So we changed directions and started looking.  We stopped and eyed the Caramba Restaurante (4314 Main Street, Whistler, BC) menu and headed inside.    

We reviewed the menus and ordered our drinks (glasses of Whistler's finest wet water all round!) and then made our food order. 

The Order: 1 Margherita Pizza ($13.95) and Two Caramba! Club (Sandwich) with Salad($10.95) and a B.B.Q. Pork Sandwhich with Salad ($10.95).  

Our orders came within fifteen minutes of being ordered.  But this should be expected as we were one of two tables occupied.  The other table had nine young mothers discussing everything to do with babies and were already well into eating their meal when we were seated at the table next to them.  Besides us and the table of mothers, the rest of the restaurant was empty!  Just a question, why would you sit two tables so close together instead of spacing us out a little bit?

The Margherita Pizza was the size of a plate and the crust was very thin.  If it wasn't for the delicious tomato sauce, this pizza would have been a failure.  Besides for that price, I could have gone to Dominos, also nearby, and ordered a decent sized pizza and shared it with someone.  Thus, due to the size of the pizza and the taste I was left a little hungary. 

I tried some of the Caramba! Chicken Club Sandwich.  It tasted like any other chicken based club sandwhich except for the mayonaise.  WHERE WAS THE MAYO?   The side salad portion was a complete joke.   The portion was barely the size of my fist. 

The total bill came to over $50.00 including taxes.  We left the restaurant feeling slightly full (but not totally) and receiving very little value for our money.

We left the restaurant partially full onto our adventure at Whistler and Blackomb Villages (see other blog entry from today).

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