Saturday, May 30, 2009

Reflections on Life Without Cable

When I decided to give up cable due to "Rogers' Specially Trained Customer Disservice Agents" I figured this would free up a lot of time to do other things.

I figured I would be enjoying blogging a little more than once a week and updating my website more often as well with pictures and writing. Well that hasn't happenned in the two weeks that have passed without cable. I figured, backed then, I would be blogging may two to three times per week on various topics that caught my interest. I also figured I would finally be through formatting, uploading and organizing my pictures from the week in Ottawa I had in January. But again, this didn't happen.

Instead I've discovered my Nintendo Wii and Mario Kart. I've played more on that in the past two weeks then I have probably played with it since the beginning of January.

I've also discovered the joy of reading again by polishing off Marley & My by John Grogan from the Aurora Public Library (which is well worth the read!). Hopefully soon I will be able to find the movie at the Library as well since I'm too cheap to rent it!

But I still hold out the possibility of expanding my web life via my website and this here blog. Maybe or maybe not....

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