Saturday, March 14, 2009

A morning horror story OR say it ain't so!

This morning, like every Saturday morning, I woke up, showered, dressed and headed down to Tim Horton's with the Saturday Morning's newspaper. Now normally I order my Tim Horton's breakfast and settle down to read Ellen Roseman's column in the Toronto Star for consumer issues and complaints. However, this morning would be different as ended up with my own customer complaint at the Tim Horton's counter before even finishing ordering my food.

I normally order a medium black coffee and a poppie seed bagel. However, to my great dissapointment the response to the bagel order was: "the poppyseed bagel has been discontinued."

At this point I did the double take with the associated blinking with the 1980's thought of "WHAT YOU TALKIN' BOUT WILLIS?"

The person behind the counter had no idea why the bagels were discontinued but did note that she had been receiving several orders and people were dissapointed. The Team Leader, who normally works there quite a bit and is very knowledagable also didn't know either why the bagels were discontinued.

So I settled for a Sesame Seed bagel toasted with plain cream cheese. For some reason this bagel didn't taste as good as the regular stalwart of the poppyseed bagel.

To say the least I'm dumbfounded at this decision by Tim Horton's to discontinue to the Poppyseed bagel considering, I believe, the poppyseed bagel is probably one of the oldest and most popular stalwarts of the bagel family of flavours. But then again, maybe I've just become old fashioned, but that is topic for another blog entry altogether.

I may end up finding another place to eat my Saturday morning ritual that serves poppyseed bagels, toasted with plain cream cheese with a decent black coffee on the side.

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