Monday, January 12, 2009

Vacation in Ottawa: Day 1

It's been two years since I visited Ottawa. I always love visiting this city to catch up with what has changed since my last visit and to reminisce about the old days of strolling around the nation's capital as a know it all university student.

It seemed like perfect timing to visit Ottawa. No Winterlude (I've done it too many times) and some of my friends are into town so I can drop by for a quick visit.Add Image The only downfall is the OCTranspo bus strike is on and the city's transit system is non-existant.

Today I really did two things. One was skate on the Rideau Canal and the second was walk around Parliament Hill with my digital camera taking pictures of all the historical statues and whatever else I found interesting. So here is a photo and video montage of my day.

I started with slapping on my skates and heading down the Rideau Canal from the University of Ottawa entrance to the Lansdowne Park entrance and back again. Of course on the way back a Beavertail was in order.

Following that I had lunch at Burger King at the Rideau Centre (I know FINE DINING!).

I then set out to Parliament Hill to take pictures of the statues and if I found an interesting angle to take a picture from I did it! I even timed an interesting video of the Peace Tower striking 3 O'Clock. Hopefully I will be able to go into the Centre Block this week in order to take more pictures inside including, hopefully, the House of Commons and the Senates grand architecture.

The Centre Block peaking through the Queen's Gates.

The Centre Block illuminated by the afternoon sun.

The Peace Tower Carrillon striking 3 O'Clock.

Watch for more photos of Ottawa in the Ottawa Section of my scrapbook on my website.

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