Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So apparently I can take pictures

Earlier today I ventured over to this blog realizing I haven't posted in a while. I scroll down to find that someone has commented on this post. Since I love reading comments on my own blog I could barely wait for comment page to load on the post. To save you the time and anxiety of loading the comment, here it is:

Hi Michael,This is completely unrelated to your blog. I just had no other way of contacting you.

I work for the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, and I'm putting together a brochure/trail map for Sheppard's Bush Conservation Area. I came across some great pictures you took of Sheppard's Bush that you posted on Picasa. Can I have your permission to use them in the brochure/trail map? Please email me to discuss.


Jonathan MacMull
Community Marketing Specialist
Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

I, of course, e-mailed back saying that I would be fine with him using my photos.

I had pondered the glorious amounts of money I could make off the royalties for this project. But of course, this being local municipal government, I was just honoured to be able to see my photos in print on the local trail guide. Also, if I demanded the money I was thinking of, I would probably bankrupt the Conservation authority, force the Town of Aurora to raise taxes or, more likely, they just would've skipped my photos altogether.

So if you live in the Aurora area, watch out for a trail guide for Sheppard's Bush in the near future. More specifically watch out for some of the photos at this photo album to make an appearance.

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